Safety at the beach

The beaches along the North Sea shores are the best playground of the nature, but the North Sea can be very dangerous. With thought, responsibility and knowledge you  will be able to minimize the risk for any accidents.

What is the danger at the North Sea?

Look out for the current and the rip current. Rip currents occur when surf pushes water up the slope of the beach and then gravity pulls it back. This creates concentrated rivers of water moving offshore. They tend to form as waves disperse along the beach, causing water to become trapped between the beach and a sandbar or another underwater feature. The water converges into a narrow, river-like channel moving away from the shore at high speed.

Read and talk to your family and friends about what to do, if caught in a rip current. Learn more about safety at the beach

Rip currents

If you do happen to get caught in a rip current:

  • Do not struggle against the current
  • Stay calm. You will not be pulled under
  • Swim to the side parallel to the coast and then swim towards shore

5 bathing guidelines

1.       Learn to swim

2.       Never bathe alone

3.       Learn to read the wind and water conditions

4.       Familiarise yourself with the beach

5.       Don’t lose sight of children

Have fun

The beaches are World's best playground, It's spacious and you can use your imagination.

Remember the bathing guidelines and have fun at the beach.

Further useful info

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