Mountain biking

Danish North Sea Nature Park is recognised as one of the best and most challenging off road cycling destinations in Denmark. The combination of a beautiful and varied landscape and an excellent network of bridleways, lanes and other permitted tracks provide ample opportunity for cyclists to enjoy some fantastic rides.

A colour coded off-road cycle map has been produced that uses a grading system, with routes ranging from green (easy) to black (very challenging).

Blåbjerg Sand Dune Plantation

Blåbjerg Sand Dune Plantation has three track in different levels: Green track (easy), black track (medium) and the white track (marathon track)

You will find parking on the koordinates: N 55°44.819’ E 8°14.642’


Green track

This track is suitable for beginners. The distance will at some points follow the Black track, which will increase the level to medium at some points.



Black track

medium – 7,3 km ~4,3 miles

This track takes you through one of the hilliest and most difficult terrain of Westjutland. The distance has challenging sections descents and ascents.

The majority of the track is on single tracks, wide paths and bridleways. Other challenges on the track are the sections with roots and sand.

White track

Marathon track – 13 km ~ 8 miles

The White track is the longest MTB track in the area. The level is deliberately easy with some medium hard sections, long ascents and fast descents on bridleways, single tracks and path ways.veje/brede stier.

Bordrup Klitplantage

In this area you will find some of the toughest and most challenging MTB trails. There are three route with different levels: Easy (green trail), medium (blue trail), hard (black trail).

There is an easy access to the trails from the parking area.

Green track

easy – 3,8 km/6,8 km ~ 2,4 miles/4,2 miles

The level of the green track is easy and is suitable for beginners or for a nice warm up. Most of the track is on wide paths.

Blue track (medium)

6 km/8 km ~ 3,7 miles/5 miles

The blue track is a track, which challenges you technic. The track has several acents, descent and a demanding descent.

You can extent the track from 6 km to 8 km by following the signs.

Black track

Very challenging – 9 km ~ 5,9 miles

The black track is an extension of the blue track. The sections has different levels and will challenge your fitness and technic.

The track goes through a hilly terrain and has several ascents and descents. The combination of bridleways, paths  and single tracks on roots, sand and gravel varies the level of the track.