An experience for all senses

The Danish architectural firm BIG has created the spectacular setting for a new attraction hidden under the sand in the dune landscape of Blåvand. The museum houses four widely different exhibitions as well as café and shop. Access to a gun bunker from the WWII is provided via an underground tunnel.

Embark on a time trip through 20,000 years of history in the exhibition West Coast stories. Lose yourself in the impressive mysterious forest that forms the backdrop for the exhibition Gold of the Sea. Discover a landscape of bunkers in the exhibition Army of concrete.

Get ready to discover the hidden West Coast in Tirpitz!

Tirpitzvej 1, 6857 Blåvand      Homepage

Photo: Mike Bink

Nymindegab Museum

Nymindegab Museum is an open air exhibition with family activities during  summer. See the skeleton of a stranded sperm whale. Visit the saw mill and the small house of the carpenter family. Here you might taste the fresh coffee and biscuits, or other cooking with the ingredient from the submerged kitchen garden.

Inside the museum you can experience the relationship between man and nature through the extensive collection of western coast paintings combined with archaeological and historical artefacts.

Nymindegab Museum, Vesterhavsvej 294, 6830 Nr. Nebel     Homepage

Photo: Niels Linneberg



Blåvand Naturcenter

At Blåvand nature centre you can find a small exhibition that tells about migratory birds at Blåvand and in the Wadden Sea and about the ringing of birds. The exhibition also focuses on the nature around Blåvandshuk, the different types of dunes, plants and wildlife.

Blåvand Naturcenter, Fyrvej 81, 6857 Blåvand    Homepage

The Lighthouse of Blåvandshuk

The Lighthouse of Blåvandshuk is probaly the most eye-catching building in Blåvand with a hight of 39 m, that with its own harsh charm marks Denmarks western most point, Blåvands Huk. There is an excelent view out over Horns Rev and the worlds largest offshore wind farm from the top of the lighthouse.

The exhibition at the lighthouse keepers house tells about the construction of the large offshore windfarms Horns Rev 1 og 2, which can be seen on the sea next to Blåvands Huk.

You can keep up to date with the wind and weather from our webcam at the keepers house

Blåvandshuk Fyr, 6857 Blåvand, Tlf: 7527 5411