Be your own guide

There are many stories to tell about the Naturpark Vesterhavet’s nature and cultural history: about life on the west coast, on the fortified bunkers and German refugees, about red deer, migratory birds and the restoration of Filsø lake - you can get these stories while you are out exploring the countryside with a free app that you can download on to your smartphone or tablet, which will also work offline.

It is open 24 hours a day all year round, and opens the doors to let you see the Nature Park in a totally different light - with this app in your hands a walk in the woods might be transformed into a tour through a refugee camp in 1946 or a visit to a viking village. At any time you like, with a simple click you can become your own guide.

The length of the routes vary and you can choose between short walks, longer hikes and cycling tours, and you can get an idea of all the routes from the overview map included in the application.

You can download the app free of charge in App Store or Google play.

In the app short films about the lokal nature and cultural history will be available

Free wifi and download of the app

At the six information centers you have free access to wifi and can download the app free of charge. We recommend that you download the app over a wifi network for faster download speeds.

The App is developed for iOS and Android operating systems. You will have the best experience using the newest version of your smartphone’s operating system.